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As a Colorado Springs tutoring company, we know how frustrating it can be to struggle in school, or to watch your student struggle in school. We know how overwhelming it can be to effectively prepare for a test that is important for your future. We also understand that everyone learns differently, and that learning can be a very complex, nuanced process. With those two things in mind, we offer a personalized and comprehensive approach to tutoring—in an environment that’s both fun and engaging.

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There’s no age limit for learning, so our Colorado Springs tutoring services are for anyone who wants or needs some educational and learning support. We teach study skills, and we offer subject tutoring for math, reading, writing and science for grade levels K-12. We also offer test prep tutoring services for, high school or college students and adults who are prepping for tests like the ACT, SAT, PSAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT subject tests, ASVAB, ACCUPLACER, SAT Subjects Tests, AP Tests, and other tests.

Scoring well on these tests is often the first step in getting into your dream college or embarking on an exciting career in the military. If you have one of these tests coming up, and you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry! Our certified, licensed tutors are highly qualified, some of which are National Board Certified, and ready to help.

Our Colorado Springs tutoring services are also a perfect way for helping younger students stay ahead of the curve during the summer. A common finding in numerous studies indicates that students will often lose much of what they learn during the school year in the summertime. Our tutoring services are great for combating summer learning loss for students of all levels.

We offer tutoring services for the following subjects:
Basic and elementary math, algebra, pre-algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus, pre-calculus, statistics, biology, anatomy, chemistry, physics, social studies, history and much more.
As mentioned before, we offer tutoring services for the following tests: ACCUPLACER, ASVAB, GRE, GMAT, ACT, PSAT, SAT, PRAXIS, PLACE, AP Tests, and more.

Individual: $35-$50 per hour
Small group: $40 per 1.5 hour session

Boot Camps: $400 for 15-16 hours (specific weeks, materials included)
For more information, give us a call, (719) 352-9574.

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