German, Spanish, and French Tutoring Colorado Springs

Are you struggling in your foreign language German, Spanish, or French class? Or are you looking to get some help for a student that is struggling in German? Maybe you are getting ready to take a trip to Spain or Mexico to visit some family but don’t know how to speak Spanish? Are you trying to prepare for the SAT French subject test? or even the German CLEP test? Maybe you are interested in taking a vacation to Germany and want to learn basic conversational skills.

Our Colorado Springs German tutoring professionals can help. Our Colorado Springs Spanish tutors and German tutors have lived in their respective countries for years, so they can also tell you about the cultural differences. We provide you with the ultimate authentic experience. Our French tutors are known as some of the best in the Springs. They can conduct online sessions as well if you prefer.

German Tutoring Colorado Springs

Learning a foreign language is difficult. Aside from the inherent challenges it presents in offering a new alphabet, a new vocabulary, and new cultural ideas, many of the grammatical concepts involved in learning a foreign language are the same ones many students struggle with in their English classes. Without a firm grasp on these concepts, German students may find that excelling in a foreign language can be difficult.

Our foreign language tutoring services work to tackle these challenges head on, allowing Colorado Springs students to excel in both German, Spanish or French and other academic areas through comprehensive and effective tutoring for conjugation, verb tenses, and subject-verb agreement.

While many people may just want to be successful in their foreign language class, research suggests that the time spent studying a foreign language reinforces skills and abilities in other core academic subjects, including reading, writing, social studies and math. Other research suggests that foreign language study enhances a student’s ability to effectively manipulate language for critical thinking and problem solving.

Because our licensed and certified educators provide some of the best German tutoring Colorado Springs, Spanish tutoring Colorado Springs, and French Tutoring Colorado Springs has to offer, we take pride in knowing that we’re helping our students reap all the benefits of studying a second language by offering this service, in addition to K-12 and college tutoring services for math, reading, writing, science, and test prep.

At SAGE Affordable Tutoring, our overarching goal is to provide students with the tools they need to succeed academically. Through taking a comprehensive approach to both teaching and learning, we equip our students with widely applicable skills that can benefit them now, and in the future.

We offer these services at an affordable rate, and will work with those who are financially disadvantaged.

Our pricing is below:
Individual: $35 to $40 per hour
Small group: $35 per person for a 1.5 hour session

Special rates for families, call for details.
For more information, give us a call at (719) 352-9574.

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