What’s the #1 statement students falsely tell themselves in regards to applying for scholarships?


The biggest challenge I face is getting students to understand the different varieties of financial aid available to them. Most understand there is financial aid in the form of needs-based grants and merit-based scholarships, but most don’t understand there are also hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of private scholarship money for average to above-average students in the United States.
We help students earn $14-20 million a year in scholarships!


While good grades always help, these scholarships can extend into talents and activities outside of school. Check out some of the more unusual scholarships available:

  1. Jif’s Most Creative Sandwich Scholarship
  2. Scholarship for Left-Handed Individuals
  3. Scholarship for Middle-School Students
  4. American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship
  5. Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship ($10,000!)
  6. Copyright Awareness Scholarship
  7. Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest
  8. United States Bowling Congress Scholarships

Private scholarship money blankets a large section of the student population. Students in general aren’t aware that scholarships aren’t always based on academic achievement, yet students exclusively hold themselves to the criteria of merit-based scholarships.

I understand. When I went to college I felt the same way— I wasn’t Valedictorian at my high school, I didn’t have a 4.0, and I was the first person in my family to attempt higher education. I applied anyway. I researched different scholarships I was eligible for and looked for ones that were low to medium competition. I applied for 20 and received 8! I didn’t earn a full-ride, merit-based scholarship; I didn’t win any national academic awards.  I didn’t let that hold me back. With the scholarships I applied for and won, I ended up getting paid to go to school.

The #1 statement students falsely tell themselves in regards to applying for scholarships?

“I’m not qualified enough.”

Don’t disqualify yourself because you don’t think you’re eligible. Your financial future is worth the investment. Contact SAGE today for a free consultation and more information about this program.



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