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SAGE Affordable Tutoring provides tutoring in Colorado Springs for a unique and a tailored learning curve for students who have either struggled with the old means of teaching or seek to polish their existing skill-sets for better results in the future.Tutoring Colorado Springs

With a combined experience of 200 years, our National Board certified teachers in Colorado Springs take a holistic approach, while tutoring  to empower students both mentally and technically.

How we provide unique tutoring in Colorado Springs

Individualized tutoring programs :- We understand that every student is not the same in terms of comprehension and experience; hence, we provide individualized tutoring sessions for a one-on-one environment which paves way for a better communication and better understanding between the tutor and the student.

Holistic Approach: – Our tutoring takes a holistic approach to support a student for a specific skill set. We don’t serve fish. We instead teach students how to fish. We don’t provide solutions; we teach students how to solve problems. In this manner we are able to remove mental barriers which impede a student’s growth.  We are able to do this because, unlike many other companies, almost all of our tutors are full-time or retired teachers with many years of experience. Many other companies hire college students or something similar. Also, many other programs have a program that focuses on a set curriculum that the students must complete, rather than the material students are specifically learning in school. While this is a great approach during the summer (that we also offer), students usually need help with the material that didn’t understand in the classroom. Other people recommend sites like Kahn Academy, but this is not the same as asking a professional specific questions about specific problems. Furthermore, a professional tutor can identify the best to approach the problem to match the student’s learning style.

We make learning enjoyable: – Learning becomes dreadful when everything seems Greek and you don’t know how to solve a problem or understand a concept. It’s natural. By utilizing our unique ways of tutoring, teaching problem solving techniques and implementing individualized sessions, we help remove such barriers and make learning an enjoyable experience. We commit to finding the best tutor we can to fit you learning style and needs.

200 years of combines experience: – Our experienced team of tutors is compiled of educators, retired educators, licensed substitute teachers, and highly experienced tutors with almost 200 years of combined experience, each of whom brings with them unique ways of tutoring a student to improve understanding a reveal a better future.

Patience is a very nice virtue : – Our tutors are patient enough to make sure that the student fully understands a concept before moving forward.

We provide Expert Tutoring in Colorado Springs for the following subjects

  • Reading and Writing
  • Science
  • Math
  • Organizational Skills
  • PRAXIS and PLACE Tests for teachers


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